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  • Improving the FreeBSD ModSecurity port 04 Mar 2014

    The FreeBSD www/mod_security port currently does a fairly minimal install. It only installs the Apache module and an example file. Installing the ModSecurity port completely requires some manual steps. It might be a good time to give the port some love. » more

  • Building Audacious on OS X Mavericks 02 Mar 2014

    iTunes: love it or hate it, you gotta admit: a lot of people hate it. It's not so much a music player as it is a way of life, keeping you in the bubble of its library. Recently I gave Ubuntu a whirl, and was impressed by the Audacious music player, evoking fond memories of Winamp back in the days. Unfortunately, the Audacious project does not produce OS X builds, but it's easy to build it yourself. » more

  • Installing ModSecurity on FreeBSD 21 Feb 2014

    ModSecurity is a Web Application Firewall (WAF) that can block generic as well as specific threats. Off-the-shelf firewall appliances are becoming increasingly common. ModSecurity has the advantage over these, that you can write and customize firewall rules yourself. Combined with knowledge of your web application and insight into detailed audit logs, ModSecurity allows you to block attacks much more aggressively than a vendor appliance can. I will walk you through installing and configuring ModSecurity on FreeBSD. » more

  • Routing Ableton audio to Skype 13 Nov 2012
  • clean and uncluttered 12 Nov 2012